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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Embarrassing Story, Search Helicopters, and The Cheese Cake Factory!

So I'm really sorry I've been away these past few day but as you can see, I'm back!
And I bring stories!
First of all, I've been around the apartment for the last few days just doing busy work on my computer and still trying to get settled so it's not like I've been away but I have been busy in a different way.  I'll start with last night! I went to the cheesecake factory for the second time ever, with Monica and Shelby (aka hairodynamic and teen makeuptips) and that was so fun! They are the coolest people and basically youtubers are just the perfect company.  After a fun night, and even a short run in with Emily June and Lindsey (beatybaby44), we headed back to the apartment.  A little while after my roommates and I had gotten in and settled, Monica tweets me and STILL hasn't found her car.  It was kind of funny but also kind of freaky because the apartment comply I live in is SO confusing.  Anyway, eventually, they found their car...but there were cats having a fight under it. So random right? I'm excited to get a car...but not excited for all of the baggage that comes with fighting cats LOL.   Anyway, today has been eventful in the sense that I've filmed, edited, and uploaded a video (I'll post the link right here),
run errands, and gotten some more computer work done.  On the way home from running errands though, I had a rather embarrassing encounter with a gate, and a car full of random people.  Basically, I forgot my key to get onto the comply so I was hoping I could squeeze through the car gate, and as I was doing so my shorts got caught.  Then, as if matters couldn't get any worse, a car comes up and the gate starts opening but MY SHORTS WERE STIL ATTACHED. After a moment of panic and acceptance that I'D probably have to take my shorts off, they finally came undone!  As I was telling my roommates the story, another weird ting happened! Suddenly, search lights were being shown through our window and we looked out to see search helicopters and police cars circling our apartment.  I still have no idea what that was about, but I sure hope they caught the criminal!
Well...that's enough of my rambles today.
Till tomorrow,


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Car Shopping, Kickbacks, and Photoshoots!

I've been in LA a month and I still don't have a car, so yesterday, I went to go check a car out that I was really set on only to find out that it has a lot wrong with it. I hired a mechanic to look at it before I bought it because it was from a used car place and he said that he sees the same thing with almost every used car he looks at.  It would have needed so many repairs that it just wasn't worth no car for Meg.  After that I got home and tried to go to sleep having not slept more than a few hours in the last week but it just wouldn't work.  Eventually it was 9pm and people were starting to arrive for a little get together that my roommates and I threw.  I was so sleep deprived that I felt drunk before it even began! But I actually had a really great time and met lots of cool people.  I think I've met over 100 people since I've been here and they've all interested me in one way or another.  I really love meeting new people and this little kickback was a perfect way to do so!  After a fun night, I was finally able to sleep and got around 5 hours which I'm really proud of actually.  Then this morning I woke up and had sleep paralysis (basically the scariest thing ever, seriously GOOGLE IT!) and I thought I'd been abducted by aliens.  To be honest, I still think I may have been.  I clearly remember someone screwing things into my head whilst I lay in my bed....Or maybe they didn't abduct me but rather paid me a visit. After finally getting up and ready for the day, I went to a clothing pull for a shoot tomorrow and got to hang with and interviews Kristen M Stuart - an amazing wardrobe stylist!  That was super fun and I can't wait for the shoot tomorrow...even if it means being up at like 8am.  I'll keep you guys updated on everything!
Till tomorrow,

Friday, September 13, 2013

Audition, New Harry Potter Film Series, and Wal-Mart Adventure

Hello! So, today it's 4am and I don't know if this still counts as a post for today or if it's for tomorrow....
I woke up this morning and instead of going to set to be an extra in a movie like I had planned, I tagged along to my roommate (Dan's) open call casting audition and had so much fun! I didn't get a call back tonight, but it was a fun experience and I honestly loved it.  I didn't realize how much I liked acting until I actually had little opportunities to do it here and there.  Don't worry main priority is school - and YouTube / work associated with it.  On my way to the audition however, I heard yet another story about a new harry potter something or other.  After years of getting so excited I'd practically cry and any news like this (which always turned out to be false) I didn't accept that it was real and brushed it off.....but APPARENTLY IT IS! I want to type out how excited I am but that would be impossible.  Here is my reaction video as the news was setting in (it still hasn't completely set in -I still feel like it will just be another hoax)

Afterwards, we headed home to our apartment after a long morning and I filmed a Miley Cyrus  - Wrecking Ball inspired simple makeup tutorial.  It was technically my first time flaming in my new place and I loved it. I can't wait for you guys to see the background of my room in the video (which will be up tomorrow) although it's now special, it's still room tour design progress! After I filmed and partially edited the video, I headed to Wal-Mart with my two roommates to return these stools we had previously purchased in the wrong size. Well....long story short, never go to Wal-Mart when you're hungry or so tired you're practically drunk because this ends up happening
It was a long day and I've been averaging 3-4 hour night sleeps lately for no reason and I can't figure out why!  I just don't get tired till 5am. It's odd.  But I will try to sleep right now...
Till tomorrow,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Im Going to Be in a Movie, Ikea Adventures, and My Room Tour today was another eventful yet non-eventful today.  It started after getting a pretty short night sleep because I was up slaving away on iMovie...yes I still use iMovie.  I got ready for the day and decide to record my Miley Cyrus mashup but got really discouraged because nothing was going right and I gave up.  It's always hard trying to film in a new place, and I just haven't gotten comfortable enough in my new apartment to film.  This is bad because all my pre-filmed videos have been uploaded and I have to start filming again soon.  Then I went to ikea and got a dresser and other things for my room! Btw...apparently they have giant prying mantises in Ikea because one jumped on my roommate Dan, and he almost had a heart attack.  Anyway, I literally cannot wait for my room tour, and I really hope you guys are as excited to see it as I am to film it.  I've been positing sneak peek pics to my twitter and instagram...but the room tour is going to be way more exciting. Oh and guess what?  I'm going to be an extra in a movie! I have no idea what type of film it is, all I know is the girl extras are meant to show up wearing high waisted shorts...oh and we get free food.  So basically what more could I want?  I'm hoping to start acting and singing more now that I'm out in LA since that has defiantly been put on pause whilst I was in living in Germany.  Let me know what you guys think what artwork I should put in my room, and what you think about me getting into acting and singing again!

Till tomorrow,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miley Cyrus, New Video, and Presents!

So today turned out to be one of the weirdest days in a long time! First of all, I got home at around 6:00 am after being at my friends house drinking butter beer and watching movies.  Just as I was sleeping into bed, I hear a ring at the doorbell.  Well apparently, my roommate was shooting a music video so the hair and makeup team was there at that crazy hour.  I went to sleep and when I woke up a few hours later, after grabbing a bite to eat (and by bite I mean everything in my kitchen) I felt really inspired to try and learn a Miley Cyrus song to cover for a video.  I couldn't decide between We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball so I made a mix of both of them! And no lie, this took like 7 hours.  I did put down my guitar pick for basically the entire hours of daylight except to type in the words to this new song mashup I was creating and upload a pre filmed video (which, btw, is PRETTY AWESOME and you better check it out).  Finally, at around 9:00pm I went for a quick jog to clear my head and go to the grocery store but when I got back I realized the mashup I had created and spent the last 7 hours working on kind of sucked.  THEN, just as I was feeling kind of down, I got a package from my Grami ! It was my first housewarming presents - a fan (which my friends and family know I cannot sleep without) and a salad maker (aka the key to my happiness).  So that put me in a way better mood! As I was eating my salad, I decided I will still probably cover the Mashup I made or one of the two Cyrus songs.  What do you guys think? Let me know! Also, here is my new video!

Till tomorrow,


Sunday, September 8, 2013

My First Video....Ever!?

So, this may not have been on my own channel but I'm pretty sure this is the first video I ever filmed and edited...and lo and behold - I'm making a gingerbread house!
 Of course it had to do with food...and holidays.  I just re-discovered it and watched it a few times.  It's crazy how I can remember my old house, old kitchen, and old life so easily.  This video was filmed in my favourite house, and it makes me really miss it - and Canada for that matter! I was 13 in this video and I'm now 18.  5 years have passed since this little guy hit the internet and it's crazy how much my channel has changed (for the better)
Imagine my channel was ONLY gingerbread house videos...A new design of gingerbread house every week?! Sorry...I'm getting way off track. It's almost 7am in the morning and I have yet to go to sleep.  At-least I haven't lost the energy that I had when I was younger. I should really go to bed, but before I go, I want you guys to comment, tweet, or tumblr me what you remember most about being 13! Or if you are 13...what'S your favourite part about being that age?

Till tomorrow,