Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Im Going to Be in a Movie, Ikea Adventures, and My Room Tour today was another eventful yet non-eventful today.  It started after getting a pretty short night sleep because I was up slaving away on iMovie...yes I still use iMovie.  I got ready for the day and decide to record my Miley Cyrus mashup but got really discouraged because nothing was going right and I gave up.  It's always hard trying to film in a new place, and I just haven't gotten comfortable enough in my new apartment to film.  This is bad because all my pre-filmed videos have been uploaded and I have to start filming again soon.  Then I went to ikea and got a dresser and other things for my room! Btw...apparently they have giant prying mantises in Ikea because one jumped on my roommate Dan, and he almost had a heart attack.  Anyway, I literally cannot wait for my room tour, and I really hope you guys are as excited to see it as I am to film it.  I've been positing sneak peek pics to my twitter and instagram...but the room tour is going to be way more exciting. Oh and guess what?  I'm going to be an extra in a movie! I have no idea what type of film it is, all I know is the girl extras are meant to show up wearing high waisted shorts...oh and we get free food.  So basically what more could I want?  I'm hoping to start acting and singing more now that I'm out in LA since that has defiantly been put on pause whilst I was in living in Germany.  Let me know what you guys think what artwork I should put in my room, and what you think about me getting into acting and singing again!

Till tomorrow,