Saturday, September 14, 2013

Car Shopping, Kickbacks, and Photoshoots!

I've been in LA a month and I still don't have a car, so yesterday, I went to go check a car out that I was really set on only to find out that it has a lot wrong with it. I hired a mechanic to look at it before I bought it because it was from a used car place and he said that he sees the same thing with almost every used car he looks at.  It would have needed so many repairs that it just wasn't worth no car for Meg.  After that I got home and tried to go to sleep having not slept more than a few hours in the last week but it just wouldn't work.  Eventually it was 9pm and people were starting to arrive for a little get together that my roommates and I threw.  I was so sleep deprived that I felt drunk before it even began! But I actually had a really great time and met lots of cool people.  I think I've met over 100 people since I've been here and they've all interested me in one way or another.  I really love meeting new people and this little kickback was a perfect way to do so!  After a fun night, I was finally able to sleep and got around 5 hours which I'm really proud of actually.  Then this morning I woke up and had sleep paralysis (basically the scariest thing ever, seriously GOOGLE IT!) and I thought I'd been abducted by aliens.  To be honest, I still think I may have been.  I clearly remember someone screwing things into my head whilst I lay in my bed....Or maybe they didn't abduct me but rather paid me a visit. After finally getting up and ready for the day, I went to a clothing pull for a shoot tomorrow and got to hang with and interviews Kristen M Stuart - an amazing wardrobe stylist!  That was super fun and I can't wait for the shoot tomorrow...even if it means being up at like 8am.  I'll keep you guys updated on everything!
Till tomorrow,