Friday, September 13, 2013

Audition, New Harry Potter Film Series, and Wal-Mart Adventure

Hello! So, today it's 4am and I don't know if this still counts as a post for today or if it's for tomorrow....
I woke up this morning and instead of going to set to be an extra in a movie like I had planned, I tagged along to my roommate (Dan's) open call casting audition and had so much fun! I didn't get a call back tonight, but it was a fun experience and I honestly loved it.  I didn't realize how much I liked acting until I actually had little opportunities to do it here and there.  Don't worry main priority is school - and YouTube / work associated with it.  On my way to the audition however, I heard yet another story about a new harry potter something or other.  After years of getting so excited I'd practically cry and any news like this (which always turned out to be false) I didn't accept that it was real and brushed it off.....but APPARENTLY IT IS! I want to type out how excited I am but that would be impossible.  Here is my reaction video as the news was setting in (it still hasn't completely set in -I still feel like it will just be another hoax)

Afterwards, we headed home to our apartment after a long morning and I filmed a Miley Cyrus  - Wrecking Ball inspired simple makeup tutorial.  It was technically my first time flaming in my new place and I loved it. I can't wait for you guys to see the background of my room in the video (which will be up tomorrow) although it's now special, it's still room tour design progress! After I filmed and partially edited the video, I headed to Wal-Mart with my two roommates to return these stools we had previously purchased in the wrong size. Well....long story short, never go to Wal-Mart when you're hungry or so tired you're practically drunk because this ends up happening
It was a long day and I've been averaging 3-4 hour night sleeps lately for no reason and I can't figure out why!  I just don't get tired till 5am. It's odd.  But I will try to sleep right now...
Till tomorrow,