Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Embarrassing Story, Search Helicopters, and The Cheese Cake Factory!

So I'm really sorry I've been away these past few day but as you can see, I'm back!
And I bring stories!
First of all, I've been around the apartment for the last few days just doing busy work on my computer and still trying to get settled so it's not like I've been away but I have been busy in a different way.  I'll start with last night! I went to the cheesecake factory for the second time ever, with Monica and Shelby (aka hairodynamic and teen makeuptips) and that was so fun! They are the coolest people and basically youtubers are just the perfect company.  After a fun night, and even a short run in with Emily June and Lindsey (beatybaby44), we headed back to the apartment.  A little while after my roommates and I had gotten in and settled, Monica tweets me and STILL hasn't found her car.  It was kind of funny but also kind of freaky because the apartment comply I live in is SO confusing.  Anyway, eventually, they found their car...but there were cats having a fight under it. So random right? I'm excited to get a car...but not excited for all of the baggage that comes with fighting cats LOL.   Anyway, today has been eventful in the sense that I've filmed, edited, and uploaded a video (I'll post the link right here),
run errands, and gotten some more computer work done.  On the way home from running errands though, I had a rather embarrassing encounter with a gate, and a car full of random people.  Basically, I forgot my key to get onto the comply so I was hoping I could squeeze through the car gate, and as I was doing so my shorts got caught.  Then, as if matters couldn't get any worse, a car comes up and the gate starts opening but MY SHORTS WERE STIL ATTACHED. After a moment of panic and acceptance that I'D probably have to take my shorts off, they finally came undone!  As I was telling my roommates the story, another weird ting happened! Suddenly, search lights were being shown through our window and we looked out to see search helicopters and police cars circling our apartment.  I still have no idea what that was about, but I sure hope they caught the criminal!
Well...that's enough of my rambles today.
Till tomorrow,



  1. omg you look like maggie q btw you're gorgeos :)

  2. lol I come from the past, and I wanted to see if Meg would keep this blog up and going...but I guess not...��

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