Friday, December 17, 2010

Red and More Red

hey, I am obsessed with the color red lately so I decided to make a post on it! I actually got this necklace at a cheap german jewelry store and the lipstick is from a drugstore! You can recreate this look so inexpensively . Oh and the simple black dress is from H&M.
till next time,


-Germany's Gypsy


  1. sooooo pretty!
    i love the color red also!
    please do a makeup and hair tutorial of this on your you tube channel!

  2. you're so freakin pretty!!! no matter how red you go it always looks amazing on you.I love your outfit and necklace :)please follow me.

  3. You're blog's pretty amazing. Maybe you can check mine out and follow me to get me started? If you can, that'd be awesome! Please help me spread my blog and YouTube channel.
    Have a great day!


  4. ure so pretty!!!! red lips look good on u!! i cant pull off red lips : (

  5. Hey Megan, I just wanted to say... your a true inspiration to us! Our dream is to be like you! Thanks for all your'e tips on tumbling;makeup;fashion!
    Sinceraly, DeeDee, And Courtney!

  6. red totally fits you megan!