Saturday, November 27, 2010

a greeting

So to start, this first post isn't going to be telling  you guys all about myself / past can find that in the "about megan" page. :)
Second of all, Im not a gossip guru, photographer, makeup artist, fashion designer or whatever other kind of person you expect to be making these blogs.  Im basically just a kid and I love fashion. I influence others with my style and way of life.
So far, this post is nothing.  And honestly it doesn't get much better ;) 
Think of this as a greeting.

till next time,


-Germany's Gypsy 


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  2. Hey Megan

    I really love your youtube videos and I follow you on twitter.

    I really love your style where did you buy your clothes I really like it.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Iam german.

    Please check my blog

    Have you icq or msn??


  3. Hey Megan, i opend a blog with my friend ;)
    Maybe you know who i am (cheerfulkim) ;D I just say HTCM. But i changed my name here :D
    I think i like your blog really much :)


  4. Cool :D check out my blog! its about me(a norwegian) moving to florida.

  5. since i really like your youtube videos, its so exciting to read your blog now! Im from Frankfurt too and also writing a blog about fashion, just take a look if you want to :)
    Cant wait for your first posts!

  6. Yaya, you got a blog! I watched your youtube videos for a while, and then I found out that you got a yeah. Your header is so gorgeous-love it:) I have a blog too, cause I love fashion also!


    ps. can't wait to read more posts!

  7. Megan this is soo Mysterious/ Old School-ish! And I absolutely love it. The pics are amazing and the banner is soo cool. I love how you incorporated the guitar (or just the guitar case?) LOL.

  8. OMG hey megan! i have watched your youtube videos for a really long time and i love them you are so pretty, funny and nice when i heard you got a blog i was so excited cause i <3 fashon!
    i am looking forward to seeing your room tour on youtube and reading your blog!

  9. Hey Megan i love you and your u tube channel

  10. thank you beauties! <3 love you

  11. Hiya megan , I love your youtube channel , I watch ut vids everyday! Please take a look at my blog - FlashesOfFaashion, I only have 3 followers and have been going scince July. I have posts about fashion and beauty and I have put a note about u and ur channel on there too! Thanks, keep doing what ur doing coz its great! x

  12. Enter me Megan(; you r basically awsm. at tumbling, making vids and evrything else :) bahaha Im stealing from somebody else but it's true... The Ninja turtles could sure use you.

    - jokerreturnz1 in twitter/ joefred153 in youtube

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